Twin Dragon Kung Fu Academy

Sensei Kathy was so wonderful with my son and had taught him so well. My son is also doing so well in school because it has helped him focus tremendously and has taught him discipline. I am really happy with the Academy.
~ Anonymous, Belmont

Twin Dragon Kung Fu Academy has become one of the most respected and reputable martial arts schools in the Bay Area. We have been officially operating in San Carlos since 2001. Teaching Martial Arts to children and adults for over 13 years.

We have been recognized by Bay Area Parent Magazine as a "Family Favorite in Martial Arts" in the Best of the Bay Area since 2007! Our programs stress the importance of discipline, respect and hard work. As teachers, we strive to develop a family like community in our school through our caring and involved instructors and the values we teach out students.

News & Special Announcements

California Karate Championship Tournament: The Proper Challenge!

Twin Dragon will be attending the CKC Tournament-The Proper Challenge on March 14th at the South San Francisco Conference Center. This the second tournament in the series that we will be attending. For more information contact Sensei Rita or Sijo John or look online at:

March Madness: Bring a Buddy to Class Month!

In celebration of March Madness Twin Dragon will be hosting a "Bring a Buddy to Class" Month! You can bring a friend to class and have them try out the class with you! Monday through Thursday Classes ONLY. Buddies must have a signed permission slip from the parent/guardian to participate in class. Buddies must check in at the office. For more info: Contact Sensei Rita or call the school!

Dragon Camp 2015

Twin Dragon's awesome and fun Summer Camp is coming soon!! Come join us for a fun and active summer with endless Martial Arts games/activities, extra training and award Points! No experience with martial arts necessary. You do not need to be a student of Twin Dragon to apply! Summer Camp brochure available here.

Super Powered Community Open House!

Twin Dragon will be joining forces with a group of fun and educational child-centeric studios/academies for a Community Open House on Sunday March 15th, 11:00am to 1:00pm! Discover what is your child's Superpower!

"Welcome to our Open House! We are a group of five studios and academies located in Belmont and the immediate vicinity, who for the first time, have joined together to offer the public a variety of fun, interactive activities. Our hope is that by trying new and different things, you will learn about yourself, your passions, what you enjoy in life, and what you excel at-your superpowers!" More info coming soon!!


3/27/2015Pee Wees (5-7 yrs): Test 4:00+

3/28/2015Juniors (8-13 yrs): Test 12:00pm+

4/1/2015Adults (14 yrs and up): Serrada Escrima-Combat Class 6:30-8:00pm

4/8/2015Adults (14 yrs and up): Serrada Escrima-Combat Class 6:30-8:00pm

4/15/2015Adults (14 yrs and up): Serrada Escrima-Combat Class 6:30-8:00pm

4/17/2015Juniors (8-13 yrs): Clinic 4:00-5:00

4/18/2015Juniors (8-13 yrs): Clinic 12:00-1:00

4/22/2015Adults (14 yrs and up): Serrada Escrima-Combat Class 6:30-8:00pm